A lot of product are out of stock, it doesn’t means we are closing soon.


Recently,  HW wireless LCD have a lot of iPhone LCD are out of stock, also in eBay only sell iPhone 5 LCD both colors and iPhone 6 Black.

Because there’s a lot of quality problem. so We decide to improve LCD’s quality. It takes more than 1 month, but It never call closing soon as somebody guessing.

Half of HW group back to China to check the problem and solve the international shipping make LCD have some cracked.we all know LCD is easy to have problem, even a little problem, customer won’t accept it, it means this LCD need to back China to repair, it cost a lot of shipping fee. not only that, but also influence customer’s experience. We really take care of it, so even we stop keeping get the same quality from China before we figure out the best idea to improve LCD’s quality.

we are doing long term business not for short term business, quality is always the most important things we care about.

our products will get back soon, should be in next week, in that time, the product quality will be good.