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Is it wise to buy an ‘AAA’ quality iPhone LCD screen instead of OEM?

People make trade to be better off in this modern world. The first principle of trading is to learn how to compromise a desire to get the best possible outcome in the future. A buyer faces different types of dilemma in the market situation. The best example of such dilemma is the internet packages of the tele-communication companies. Some of their packages contain heavy data with awkwardly less validity, while others are the exact opposite. These difficulties occur because every seller tends to make the maximum benefit in this competitive era. There is a frequently asked question in the market of LCD screen wholesale. The question is whether or not to buy an ‘AAA’ quality LCD screen instead of an OEM quality. The reason behind this question is that people get confused and find themselves in a very awkward situation. The confusion arises because the OEM quality is the best quality among all but is very expansive. In the contrary, the ‘AAA’ quality nearly works as good as the OEM quality but is way cheaper than the OEM. Humans can be over-cautious at times. They want the best product for themselves but want to pay the least at the same time. If you have faced the same difficulty, then there is a solution for you.

OEM means ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’. The term is widely used in Asia but in the west, people use the term ‘Original’ or ‘Genuine’ instead. The LCD screens other than the OEM quality are called ‘Copy’. There are 2 grades of copy-

  • High Copy
  • B/C Grade Copy

The High Copy has some sub-divisions such as A/AA/AAA and also A+/A++/A+++. The rest of the Copy LCDs lies in the ‘B/C Grade’ category.

The B/C Grade Copy LCD screens are very cheap but don’t last long. The quality of this category is very cheap. Meanwhile, the High Copy LCD screens are comparatively better in quality and also a bit higher in prices. Among the High Copy LCD screens the AAA quality is the best and also most expansive. The quality and price decreases with a decrease in ‘A’ respectively. That means, AAA is better than AA and AA is better than A.

If we compare the OEM quality with ‘AAA’ quality, we will see that ‘AAA’ quality isn’t very far away from the OEM in quality. It works as good as the OEM in most of the time. The ‘AAA’ quality comes with a pretty good warranty and lasts long in most cases. If we consider the price comparison between these two, we will see that the ‘AAA’ quality is very cheaper than the ‘OEM’ quality. Who would accept such difficulty in pricing for a little mental pleasure? In the LCD screen market, the OEM quality is nothing but a mental satisfaction compared to the ‘AAA’ quality. So, the ‘AAA’ quality is undoubtedly a wise choice with respect to the OEM quality.

You must be wondering about the difference between the OEM quality and the High Copy quality. There are some technical differences between the OEM and the High Copy quality. The differences are microscopic so it requires expert supervision to distinguish between them. The major difference is the outlook of the digitizer panel where the flex cable is attached. The circuits on the digitizer panel of an OEM screen are organized in a vertical pattern where they are scattered irregularly in the High Copy screen. There are more differences between an OEM and a High Copy screen. Another big difference is the position of the Digitizer Touch Screen. In an OEM screen, the Digitizer Touch Screen is situated below the Glass Lens but in the High Copy screen it is situated above the LCD screen.

In most cases an OEM screens have yellow line on its flex cable but the Copy screens have no line on its flex cable. OEM screen has sticker on its flex cable which is missing in the case of a Copy Screen. OEM screen has a purple backlight protector and a Copy screen has a red backlight protector. These are the easily detectable differences of these two screens.


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The LCD screen replacement market is getting competitive day by day. Understandably, it is difficult now-a-days to choose a trustworthy buyer for the actual product. ‘Huwaei Wireless Inc’ is a reliable company in the present market. Their High Copy LCD screens have drawn everybody’s attention. Many customers have said that their High Copy LCD screens work as good as the OEM quality. The price of their LCD screen is very competitive in the market. They are selling LCD screens at cheaper rates than the big companies like eBay, Aliexpress, Amazon,iFixit etc. For instance, let’s consider the iPhone 6 LCD OEM screen. The price of the iPhone 6 LCD High Copy is only 27.00$ on their website. The price of the iPhone 6 LCD OEM screen is 99.95$ on eBay. You might say that the quality of the eBay’s screen is slightly better. In the contrary, there is nothing you can say about the price difference. According to the customer feedbacks, the High Copy iPhone 6 LCD screen of ‘HW Wireless’ is way better than the iPhone 6 LCD OEM screen if we consider the overall periphery. So, why should you buy the iPhone 6 LCD OEM screen when the cheaper High Copy screens works so well?

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The LCD screen replacement market has become more competitive than ever in this decade. New technologies have been introduced in this field to reduce the price and increase the quality of the product. ‘HW Wireless’ has its own manufacturer in China. The renowned Shenzhen Factory is their manufacturer. That is why they have been able to replicate the OEM quality screen with absolute finesse. Their products have satisfied many customers. This is the reason that people are buying from this company again and again. If you haven’t tried this company yet, you should definitely give it a go as soon as possible. This company can turn your retail career into a successful story


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