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when Apple store reject to replace iPhone 6 screen replacement for you!!

choose the apple store


Unfortunately, my girlfriend broke her iPhone 6 screen again, I have to say even the product from same company, the quality still have big different. My iPhone 5S never broke its screen and I drop its more than 100 times.but her iPhone 6 screen broke by dropping couple times.The truth story I will share here when Apple store reject to replace iPhone 6 screen replacement for you!!

price for broke screen

It’s about 2 weeks before, my girlfriend broke her iPhone 6 screen again and in the end we first decision is go to the apple store to replace,we don’t have Apple-care+,need to pay $109 + tax. so we make an appointment in nearest Apple store. if you don’t know how to make an appointment, you can following steps:


2. choose your product(iPhone)

3. repair option

4. screen damage

5. start a service

6. bring in for repair (never choose the send in for repair, I will explain later)

7. zip code (11354 ) + carrier (T-mobile)

8. choose Store

9. select the time available for you.

choose the apple store

As the schedule time(2:30 PM in Friday), we go to the there in 2:15 PM. Apple Stuff tell us we have to wait Until the 2:30 PM.  You think you will get fixed by 2:30 PM right away. of course not, it’s about you can wait in the line when time as 2:30 PM, Apple stuff ready for testing our iPhone finally in 3:00 PM. 7 minutes later, he told us “your iPhone 6 is unable to replace screen replacement, the only thing you can do is spend $300 to replace a new iPhone 6.” and the reason is “screen cracked too much”. I work for the iPhone LCD wholesale company more than 1 year, I know this is not a exactly reason, the reason is “if the only outside of iPhone 6 screen have problem,the broken OEM iPhone 6 LCD value is around $30 or more, but if the LCD have problem like my girlfriend’s iPhone 6,whatever the problem small or big,the price for broken screen only worth $0.5 “.

I won’t spend $300 to buy iPhone 6 again, For two reason:

  1. iPhone 7 will release soon
  2. exchange one is probably refurbished.

Mentioned to refurbished iPhone 6, we must be careful, Company like T-mobile,Verizon,AT&T like to do this shit, especially in T-mobile, because it happens to me. Even Apple company do that too. The different refurbished and original. refurbished iPhone 6 stuck more often, become hot easily, slower. screen broke easier. If you think those problem is OK, use it.

The other two choice I can make: a screen replacement and replace by yourself.

2.go to repair store(whatever you bring a new screen or just go there)

groupon replace iphone6 screen

If you looking for repair store, There’s choice for better price: to buy a service, first of all is near to you.  The only possible for this, they only replace for people have iPhone 6 with OEM screen and LCD should not have problem,just like apple store.  Because Groupon even charge them money on service,after charge,only $10 will go to their pocket. $10 can not even buy an A quality iPhone 6 screen replacement. For price suitors, you could choose that , but For me, I probably won’t choose this. whatever you go find a Ebay store or iPhone LCD wholesaler. you will find out the best price you can get for iPhone 6 screen, it’s around $27. they replace iPhone 6 screen time(include all service:chat,pay the money) around half hour.  $25~$55 service fee depends on location, in the end  $52 ~ $82 should be price rage in the repair store.

iPhone LCD quality did have big different. higher quality can use longer. For example,those high-copy iPhone LCD have the same problem: If we put the phone under extreme sunlight, the glue between the screen and the liquid crystal display will melt. Eventually, that will increase the chances of the outside screen to be dropped off.. for now, this is the problem we know already and probably have another little problem after you use after 1 or couple month later. Better things to go repair store, if you have little problem, you can go to same repair store,they will help you out to fix it. But if you replace by yourself, you have to figure out by yourself, if you go to the repair store in this situation, only thing they will do is letting you to replace a new iPhone LCD, won’t use some glue or another small toolkit to fix it. Because they won’t earn better profit, It’s look likes Apple.Well, Less than 20% will have problem happens to you.

And once you decide to replace your iPhone 6 screen by yourself, Apple won’t accept to fix your iPhone, if you won’t use iPhone for long time, like 1 year or more, better idea is replacing iPhone screen by yourself or go to the repair store, otherwise you can go to Apple store replace a new LCD(If they say yes) or exchange a new iPhone.So what if you buy an Apple care, worth or not?

Apple care worth or not

If you broke you iPhone(not only screen but something else also,such as drop to water.) very often, Apple care+ Could be good for you, $99 and each time will charge you $79, it means you need to $129 each time, but the good thing is even you broke your LCD have problem they will fix your iPhone screen also. After understand Apple care+, I think most of you guys better don’t buy it. if you fixed twice or more, you will pay same money someone don’t have Apple care+. or you will pay $99 first,only thing good is they can not reject to replace your iPhone 6 screen replacement.



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