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Let us do some comparisons among those main Chinese brands of LCD screens

Demand for branded and wholesale mobile phones is also strong with mobile phone use overtaking landline use in some parts of the world and consumers changing their phones every 15 months on average.

It doesn’t matter if you’re considering stocking mobile phones through your online auction business or looking at expanding your range and taking on a different supplier. The process of sourcing mobile phones from makers of cellphones in China is exactly the same and simply finding the companies through a wholesale directory, business directory or online is just the first step.

When you find the firm that has products you think you want to resell you need to go through the steps to make sure it conducts itself professionally and won’t harm your seller reputation. Ignore the following signs at your peril:
It doesn’t have any contact details or the contact details turn out to be not working.

Many people have complained about them on dropshipping, e-commerce and wholesale forums or fraudwatch sites.
Promotional material they use looks suspiciously like materials from another wholesale dropship company.

Their products are priced too high or too low

Doing market research on the wholesale mobile phones or unlocked phones you are thinking of stocking is also a worthwhile exercise. By checking to see if the features are in demand or that style of phone will sell well can potentially save you thousands in unsold stock or free up a product line for a more profitable item if you are dropshipping. It will also help you determine what price you should be paying, what price you can sell it for and the profit margins you can expect.

Once you have done your online research and found the phone looks OK on paper then its time to order a sample. This is much easier if you do it through a mobile shop in China which has no minimum order quantity, like China vasion but you may be required to order about three or four to test.


iphone6 pic



When an iPhone is broken or damaged it can be an extremely sad moment. It is likely the owner not only paid a pretty penny for the phone, but keeps track of a great deal of his or her life within its little electronic memory. Contact information for all of iPhone user’s friends, iPhone user’s schedule, her music, email, all may be lost in the blink of an eye. What many iPhone owners don’t realize is how easy it can be to buy individual iPhone parts wholesale. With a quick online tutorial and a new replacement or spare iPhone part, it is easy to have that iPhone working as good as new in the blink of an eye. The first step is knowing where to look.

Although it may be possible to go back to the store, or to an electronics repair store, there is a lot of danger of being misquoted or misdiagnosed by the staff. When the repair is something you are pretty sure you can handle, it can be a big money saver to take on the project yourself. Finding a website that sells iPhone parts wholesale is hugely important, since it will likely also be your guide to getting the actual repairs done. With highly competitive prices, when you buy Iphone 6s screen wholesales you not only save a ton of money on repairs, but save a ton of money on not buying a whole new phone.

Today, it is possible to find everything from new LCD screens to mother boards for sale online when it comes to iPhone parts. With the added cost of the iPhone and increased utility, people just aren’t as quick to part with them as with other kinds of cell phones. With a common cell phone it is easy to transfer one’s contacts and walk away, but with the many devices of today it’s a whole other story. From complicated business contacts complete with addresses to video clips it’s always possible to transfer some data, but everyone’s heard the “half my stuff got lost” horror stories that come out of large-scale file transfers. Most people today prefer not to take the risk. Instead, it is more common to see people purchasing iPhone parts wholesale and saving a dime plus a whole lot of headache.

And hey, even if iPhone repairs is not for you, get involved in the reuse recycle aspect of used and damaged electronic goods. It is entirely possible to sell that old iPhone for cash, even if damaged, since somebody else will be glad to use its parts. It may be possible to fix it, but if you’re not into it, send it to the professionals who will gladly pay you for it, fix it themselves, and resell it as good as new. Whatever route one takes, whether they decide to buy Iphone 6s screen wholesales, sell a broken or damaged iPhone, or sell an older model iPhone, at the end of the day it’s better for everyone than just throwing it away. Keeping dangerous chemicals and waste out of our landfills by keeping old electronics out- while getting paid for it- just sounds like the smart decision.

It can be difficult to know which iPhone wholesaler to choose. IPhones are very popular at the moment and sell particularly well on eBay. This is why so many people are trying to cash in on this current craze.

However, it’s important to take your time and find a good iPhone wholesaler so you don’t end up wasting money instead of making it.
\Sadly, looking for an iPhone wholesaler isn’t as simple as just typing it into Google or another search engine. All you’ll end up with is a list of companies that can supply you with iPhones. These phones might be damaged or have been refurbished. A lot of the time, these businesses are simply people who want to get rid of a load of replicas they got cheap Iphone 6s screen wholesales from China. Legitimate companies won’t usually be found through search engines. For these, you’ll need to obtain a wholesaler list. For a company to get on these lists they are properly screened beforehand so you know they are trustworthy.

Not enough emphasis can be placed on the fact that you need to take the time to seriously research all your wholesalers before actually using them. Always ask for a sample iPhone to check the quality. Of course, you can sell bad quality or fake iPhones if you want to, but you definitely won’t be able to make as much profit from such wholesale goods. Also, make sure you’re not buying overpriced iPhones. Usually this will mean that you need to buy in bulk so each unit is cheaper.

Apart from buying bulk from wholesalers, another way to obtain cheap iPhones is through wholesale surplus businesses. Surplus liquidators purchase unwanted, excess or obsolete products from other companies, generally at very low prices. They can then sell their iPhones to you at a more reduced price than a wholesale company could. However, if you want to sell more modern iPhones, then a wholesaler would be more appropriate.

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