iPhone LCD screen and other LCD screen

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Showing 1–12 of 29 results

Quality is the biggest concern of the consumers- especially if it is concerned with LCD screen replacement. We understand that choosing a good iPhone LCD wholesaler is hard when considering different qualities and price cause even the same quality still have a big difference. There is well distinguished grade system (A/AA/AAA quality) for the consumers to make them aware about the quality of the product they are buying.

A quality = Copy LCD + Copy flex cables + Copy glass.

AA quality= Original LCD + Copy flex cables + Copy glass.

AAA quality = Original LCD + Original flex cables + Copy glass.

These companies in China below sell A quality LCDs as dealers: Longteng, Jingdongfang, Gaiban, Tianma, Houya. However, people are unable to get LCDs from them directly unless you buy more than 10 thousand pieces LCDs for them.

HW wireless focus on selling A quality iPhone LCDs to repair store and LCD re-seller. The reason why we success is that we choose the best A quality from Tianma. HW Wireless guarantee all customers with high quality LCDs in valuable price,  perfect return system and professional customer service.